Flood Cleanup

Understanding Flood Damage

Flood or water damage due to a natural disaster or man-made fiasco such as a plumbing failure is a real nightmare for the house and office owners. However a natural disaster cannot be controlled completely and a pipe water leakage may happen just anytime. Therefore it is important to keep your cool and opt for the various processes and procedures that can help restore the damage caused. If you live in an area that has frequent floods then it is important that you always stay alert and keep yourself ready to handle such situations with a calm and cool head. In this article we bring you a few checklists that will help you when you are in between an emergency flood cleanup process.

First Things First

Safety of yourself and your family members is of course your first priority thus it is important to first properly evaluate the house to check for any safety issues that requires your immediate attention. It may be difficult for a layman to identify all safety issues. We recommend that you hire a professional who would be able to properly examine all the problems and provide the right solutions. You need an expert for can tell you the level of damage incurred including any structural damage, electrical issues or detect any health hazards brought about by contaminated water. Once all the safety concerns have been handled by professionals, you may go ahead and start the cleaning process.

Any time your home experiences significant flood damage, the first step you should take is to evaluate your home for safety issues before you re-enter. Call in a professional assessor to evaluate the extent of the damage your home has incurred. This means checking the home for structural damage, making sure there are no electrical issues (remember water and electricity don’t mix), and getting an initial idea of the severity of other damage and potential health concerns you may have to deal with during the process of performing flood damage repair on your home. Once you’ve got the green light that all major safety concerns have been addressed, it’s time to move in and start your emergency flood cleanup.

How to Get Started with the Real Cleaning Process

After you have documented in detail the extent of damage caused (which is done better by water damage restoration expert) you can go ahead with the drying and cleaning process to prevent further damage. Delay in cleaning process can lead to extensive growth of mold and fungus that can cause health hazards demanding greater remediation, so curb their growth at the initial stage.

If there is any water remaining, pump it out as soon as possible and set up large fans and de-humidifiers to dry the area fast. We strongly recommend that you hire a flood cleanup specialist as this investment can save you from permanent replacements later on. The service providers are equipped with all the advanced equipments and techniques that can help restore your life back to normal as soon as possible.

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